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Shanghai Li Ying Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ten years of business, ten years of development, ten years of harvest!

We unswervingly implement the "supporting role" strategy, and strive to create value for customers, in the process of creating value for customers to develop themselves. The company is located in:

We adhere to the core values of "co-creation." With all shareholders to create a solid foundation for the Group; with all staff to create a group of outstanding force Ying Group; and industry colleagues work together to create space for industry development; and the community work together to create civilized and progressive society. The company is located in:

We will firmly grasp the development opportunities and growth potentials of the machinery industry, give full play to our unique competitive advantages, further expand the scale of production and product lines, and strive to become the world's leading manufacturer of integrated mechanical products and strive to become a strategic cooperation with internationally renowned multinationals Partner, is committed to becoming the "century-old" brand in the machinery industry, rewarding shareholders with sustained growth and good performance for the benefit of the community.

Enterprises have a number of independent research and development of high-tech scientific research and patents, has passed IS09001 2000 international standard quality management system certification and strict implementation. Li-ying of a professional team to win the trust of high quality users, meticulous in product design and development. Remanufacturing process excellence, the pursuit of perfection in the production management, service, technical support to customer satisfaction.

"Technology allows users to rest assured that customer service satisfaction," is that we have long-term to maintain first-class management purposes. We will continue to explore the leading technology to lead the future, so that customers around the world benefit the progress and development of the force Yingli Group.

Your support firm our faith, sincerely thank all sectors of the community and our customers over the years of our trust and care! We must work hard! Work hard! try harder!

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